Online Resume Awakening

February 25, 2014 // News Blog_post_1_digital-resume-awakening

Time: 21st century.  This is not a blog for far away future, sent to bring us to something that imminent us. This is today, now and here! Present that bring us new trends, steps with time we cannot afford to lose, this era of seeking for a perfect job, struggle with competition, racing with similar to ourselves by qualifications, education and skills…

You think you’re unique? You are. There is no one who is the same. Despite we are numerous small differences are what decides for us. Sometimes only one sentence is crucial and in other occasions we are out of the game before the game even starts. We are not suitable to someone and to someone we are going to be compatible with. It looks like a game but it is real situation. Life is a battlefield, a boxing ring in which we struggle for survival.

In era that brought us digitalization digital resumes were born. Expected? Indeed! Traditional ways of seeking for a job slowly begin to be the past. Epoch forced upon us the Internet- the biggest and endless market. Why someone has to be limited only to his hometown or homeland?

With digital resume you can be the part of the world, that infinite magical circle and you can be the star of it. Some will say it’s a bit adventurous, futuristic, that they are not ready to be the part of that digital world, but if we say that advantages are huge will you trust us? Eventually, you will!

  • Availability is one of the most important things today. To be able to find someone easily but also that someone finds you is essential. Digitalize your CV and in that way be visible to who may be your future associate and supporter. Since today the most of jobs are posted online, you will be only one link distant from application for a job.
  •  Creativity is something that was only binding you in traditional resumes. Online resumes allow you to construct your biography in accordance to your attributes. In this way others can experience you easier and have more concrete picture of what you really are.
  • Better organization is what digital resume offers you. Once you create your online resume you will find yourself out of boundaries, regularity and uniformity. You will be able to change your CV as you are changing and improving yourself.
  • Portfolio is one of the most significant advantages of online resume and that is also an opportunity to present yourself in the best possible way, to show your prior work, projects and achievements.  Also, if you have your own product you want to place and promote to pubic online resume is the thing you cannot be without!


Now, when you have insight in only a few opportunities that digital resume offers you, it is time to place yourself in higher level, to be up to time and most of all, to open the door to digital world of endless opportunities.

We will offer you the basis, the rest is up to you!