Serpens – Premium Online Resume Template

February 26, 2014 // Featured Resume Templates Serpens | Premium resume template

We would like to introduce you to one of our first online resume template that we made. We wanted to design a nice and simple resume template for those who want to present themselves to employers in a unique way. The end result is Serpens – premium online resume template with which we are very proud of. Serpens resume template is designed according to the principles of classic resume, but with a modern touch such as section titles with background color, modern rating system, portfolio, sharing resume on social networks and a lot more. Serpens is unigue among resume templates. Some of unique features for Serpens resume template are:

Headline banner

All headline sections on the resume template have a colored background-banner. The background color of the titles can be changed via resume template color schemes. The selected color is automatically applied to all title backgrounds.

Serpens | Premium resume templates - work experience

Skill rating – dot plot

Make a list of your skills and tools. Evaluate your abilities and knowledge of using tools from beginner to expert. Give yourself a realistic rating for all skills and tools you use in your job. In this way you can help yourself and future employer to choose you among others. After all, this makes your resume more awesome.

Serpens | Premium resume template - skills

Background patterns

Serpens resume template allows you to make your resume unique. Choose your favorite pattern and apply it to the resume template. Large selection of different patterns will allow you to customize your resume template and thereby make resume a reflection of what you are.

Serpens | Premium resume template - background patterns

As can be seen Serpens – online resume template has everything that is necessary to distinguish your resume from the crowd of other resumes. If you are a designer or creative you can make your personal resume/portfolio and present yourself to the world, all your work and the services you offer. If you just want to find a job, Serpens online resume template will definitely stand you out from the crowd of other resumes and maybe make it so that you be selected as the best candidate for that job.


We hope you like Serpens resume template! Let us know what you think…