10 Most Important Sections of Online Resumes

March 20, 2014 // Tips and Advice 10-Most-Important-Sections-of-Online-Resumes

A large percentage of people think that the internet is the best place for self-promotion. How you present yourself to employers today depends largely on whether you will be selected for dream job or be dismissed as just another resume in a number of other boring resumes in the pile.

Whether we like to admit it or not, online resumes are our future. Not only because more people are reading on the screens of their computers and personal devices, but also because online resumes do not pollute the environment, it is not necessary to print them, so they are very eco-friendly and at very low cost. Although some employers still prefer a written resume, we must agree that online resume in many ways takes an advantage over written resume. Online resumes are easier to create, edit, customize, share and send.

Resume Republic has 10 unique sections that are here to allow users maximum freedom in creating awesome online resumes. Some of these sections are mandatory, while others can be used as an additional part that will highlight special skills, user portfolio or even personal services and to show that you are not just a machine, but a unique creature that wants to be presented to the world in the best possible way.


These are 10 most important sections of online resumes:

1. About me

Someone will want to know who you really are, what is your life motto, what you want to achieve, what is your goal. Engage your reader right at the beginning so he wanted to know you better. So, professional, short and effective personal presentation will definitely highlight you in the crowd of other resumes and ensure that readers continue reading your resume.

2. Contact

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to omit contact information in their resume. If you wish to be contacted this section must be in your resume. Contact section allows you to leave your e-mail address, phone number, mobile, skype and website.

3. Work experience

This is the section which perhaps speaks the most about you. If you have work experience in several working positions, you can order them chronologically, starting from the most recent position to your first work experience. Enter the exact name of the job position you have been doing, a brief description of the work that you performed in the company and the duties you have been entrusted with the date you started and completed the work in that company.

4. Education

If you are a beginner, with no work experience, you must rely on your education. So, in the education section enter all your education. Show which school/s, college/s or course/s you completed, because if you have a little or don’t have work experience at all, education is your most valuable asset.

5. Skills

Make a list of your most valuable skills. Evaluate your abilities and knowledge of using tools from one to five stars, from beginner to expert. Give yourself a realistic rating for all skills. In this way you can help yourself and future employers to choose you among others. After all, this makes your resume more awesome in the eyes of employers.

6. Services

One of the advantages of online resumes is the possibility of services representation. If you are a freelancer who does not need a job in any company, but you work for yourself, entering services in your resume can help employers to hire you faster.

7. Portfolio

One of the biggest advantages of online resumes is existence of portfolio section where you can display all your most important work that you did for some people or company. You can upload photo, video and audio files and all those files can be in separate categories which makes it easier to browse the portfolio.

8. Awards

If you received any award/s for your work or with your contribution got some recognition, in this section you can specify all the awards you have which are worthy of attention.

9. Hobbies

It’s always nice to refresh your resume with some less formal things. Your hobbies say more about you in private and show your personal interests outside the sphere of your business or education.

10. Follow me

Last, but no less important section. This section will help you to connect with people. Share your resume via most popular social networks and let people talk about you and your work.

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If you think these 10 sections is not enough to stand your resume out from the crowd, write us your thoughts.