Jemini – Featured Premium Online Resume Template for May 2014

May 5, 2014 // Featured Resume Templates JEMINI - Premium resume template

Jemini is uber cool, modern and minimalistic online resume template with two unique layouts. Raise yourself to a higher level. Step out from the crowd, be modern and unique.

JEMINI - Premium resume template

Header Image

If you have a product that you made or you want to highlight yourself with some additional picture, you can put a header picture. Maybe you want something abstract, in that case you can select the background pattern. If you don’t want any image or pattern in header area, just leave the header area blank and your background color will be the same as your chosen color scheme.

JEMINI - Premium resume template

Personal photo

Resume Republic understands that in some cultures and parts of the world personal image on a resume is a big no no, but then again in some parts of the world and in some cultures, personal photo is absolutely necessary. Therefore, the user is allowed to turn ON or OFF personal picture on the resume.

JEMINI - Premium resume template

Two unique layouts

Jemini resume template has a unique layout. Actually has two layouts. The user can choose between “narrow” and “wide” layout style. Both are awesome. The user only needs to select a layout style that best suits him.

JEMINI - Premium resume template

Star rating

Make a list of your awesome unique skills. Give yourself a realistic star rating for each skill. In this way you can help yourself, future employers and make your resume more awesome.

JEMINI - Premium resume template -star rating

Full wide portfolio with categories

Yes, you read it right. Full wide portfolio! The ideal way to display your work all over the internet. It comes with a brand new feature “Portfolio categories” that allow users to create a separate portfolio categories. An ideal combination for all people who want to present their work in the best possible way.

JEMINI - Premium resume template - Full wide portfolio with categories

New awesome hobby icon set

We’ve added a new super cool icons in the hobby section. The number of icons that covers possible hobbies is now increased to 70 icons.

JEMINI - Premium resume template

Entire look of Jemini online resume template


You can test Jemini here: DEMO

We hope you like Jemini – premium online resume template.