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July 1, 2015 // News resume-then-now

What is a Resume?

“Résumé: a written exaggeration of only the good things a person has done in the past, as well as a wish list of the qualities a person would like to have”, this is what Bo Bennett, a graphic designer tells about Résumés. Well, you can say résumés are much like marriages, projecting what you are good at and marketing yourself with it- and there is also another similarity, in both the cases you are trying to impress another person! Jokes apart, résumés are documents that are used to introduce your accomplishments and achievements.

What does a Resume Intimate Then?

  • In olden days résumés were documents predominantly used to tell people of all your achievements and accomplishments and also to make them realize how much worth you are of the job they offer you.
  • Even though the objective remains the same, résumés have gone past these stereotypes to surpass these objectives.
  • Earlier days a résumé packed with all your accomplishments, achievements and merits were enough to get you a good paying job.


Got Idea? But Also Find below What is Expected NOW… but, as we say “Actions speak louder than words”, now the employers need to see that the qualities mentioned in the résumés are credible and that you are actually good enough for the job offered. For the same, you may need to actually provide them with proofs. The certificates of your schools and colleges are rarely taken into consideration now. Instead works you have done and what you have achieved from it is what is given importance now.


Resumes Nowadays… Template Mania

Résumés are now not only a piece of paper that enables you to get a job, but they also reflect the person you are from within. A few years ago résumés used to have a set of dos and don’ts and where all looking same. But nowadays résumés are personalized and come in various eye grabbing templates.

Why Templates?

  • Template made résumé is soon grabbing the markets. The best thing about them is that they can make your potential employer see that you are that one person who gives your best to work.
  • In today’s world, making people see you is the most difficult and also the most important thing. As there are scores of people vying for the same job, you definitely need that niche in you to make to that job.


Value Added Resume – Magic of a Well-Constructed Covering Letter

It is possible that very intelligently crafted résumés can do that job for you, but a covering letter for your résumé can do wonders in your career break. Covering letters are a kind of preamble to your résumés and tells your potential employer about how fit-in you are in the job he offers. Each of résumé and covering letter must be built up with keeping the job applied in the mind.


Few Tips to Kill the Mythical Resumes

  • Say, “No,” to Single Page Resumes: Slowly the mindset that a résumé should ideally be only of a single page is declining. No rules have specified that a résumé should be of 1 page.
  • Write up to Maximum of 4 Pages: Exceeding this may actually irritate your employer. But in the race to accumulate pages, never write unnecessary details about yourself in the résumé. Also take great care to prioritize your achievements to best suit the job you are vying for.
  • Rank Your Pages with Respective Matters You Post-In: The maximum reading time of a résumé is up to 15 minutes. This means your 3rd and 4th pages may be rarely read or just skimmed through. So always make sure that the first pages are armed sufficiently to impress your employer to a great extent. This also means that your résumés must be actually full of worthy details that it extends up to 3 or 4 pages. Writing irrelevant things may actually cost you your job.
  • Keywords with Proofs: Résumés which are armed with necessary keywords are likely to land in hands of employers more easily. You should be aware that résumés are submitted through emails as well as social networking sites. So getting to know the keywords for your job and making use of it in your keywords can be more rewarding. Providing proofs of what you can do rather than telling it can be more appealing to an employer.


AWARE: Do provide your live works and see yourself employed! Then your employer might think that you are not much in need of the job that you have applied for.

So these are what résumés are all about. Now go grab a job with the résumé that can swipe your employer off his feet!

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