Top 15 Inspiring Resume Designs: What You can Learn From Them

November 30, 2016 // News top-15-inspiring-resume-designs-and-what-you-learn-from-them

Your resume plays an integral part in helping you land a much-coveted job. It is the first point of touch with your prospective employer that gives him or her, an idea about you. Thus, it is extremely important that you design your resume with ultimate care and thought. With a wide range of resume templates available online, designing a CV is really not a difficult task. However, what makes your resume different from others would be the personal touch that you add to it.

You can definitely do with some inspiration when it comes to designing a unique and professional looking resume. Here are some of the most inspiring resume designs that can help you get started.

1. Rianti Hidayat – Showcase Your Skills

Hidayat’s illustration nails it right on, in an amazing and eye catchy way. You can simply add a stylish mini portfolio of yourself, showcasing the best of your skillset in the most engaging manner. A definite winner pick for those operating in VFX careers and visually creative verticals. There is no better way to tell the story of your passion than a customised and automated illustrator resume format like that of Rianti Hidayat.

2. Errol Veloso Resume – Adding some Color

This resume template inspires you to diverge from the conventional resume and instead add some colors to it. The resume designer has in fact used 3D projections to emphasize the subheadings. He has also used different colors to point out his technical and creative strengths. This definitely makes this resume a treat for the eyes and easier to go through.

3. Mikha Makhoul’s Resume – Spacing Matters

Gone are the days when all the content and information was herded together on a piece of paper. In the modern times, it is quite important to space out the content in an organized way to make it more readable. This is what Mikha Makhoul has tried with this resume design. He has allotted separate space for each category and has added a black and white background for the professional touch.

4. Michael Long’s Resume – Highlight the Important Parts

With a large number of resumes being mailed to the organization every day, it sometimes becomes hard for the company to realize which post the applicant is applying for. Michael Long took this problem into consideration and gave an interesting twist to his resume template. He gave prominence to his name and post.

5. Joseph Acena’s Resume – Go the Infographic Way

Joseph Acena gave his resume template a mind blowing twist. Instead of listing the content in the conventional form, he came up with an infographic design with amazing color coordination. His idea was to make his resume look more appealing and at the same time highly readable.

6. Justin Scheuler’s Resume – Give it a Flip

The vertical layout that is followed while writing resumes the conventional way is ‘oh so passé’, which is why Justin Scheuler actually decided to give it a complete makeover by flipping the layout. He has followed a horizontal layout which is superb to look at and an extremely novel and interesting idea to get the prospective employers hooked to it.

7. Kyle Robertson’s Resume – Make a Brand of you

Kyle Robertson has actually left no stone unturned when pitching himself as a brand in his resume. He has even come up with a unique logo with his name and a tagline that follows suit. This is sure to gain some rosy points with the screening committee for its innovative idea and also adds to the professional appeal of the resume.

8. David Elgena’s Resume – Converse in Style

The dreary monologue that is so inherent to the resumes is a tad boring and can be done away with. This is what David Elgena proved when he came up with a resume template where he has gone out of his way to break free of the conventions. He has added in the resume content in a conversational tone which makes for a personal touch with the prospective employers.

9. Abdullah Al Mamun – Role Reversal of Colors

Why stick to the traditional black print on white background. Abdullah Al Mamun actually gave this a reverse touch and the resume template is just as appealing as its conventional counterpart. This means that a slight twist can actually be a good idea. The only thing to watch out for is to ensure that the font you select is one that can be easily read on a dark background.

10. Sarah Nelson Carter’s Resume – Add some Texture

Saran Nelson Carter has ditched the traditional A4 sheet and instead used textured paper for her resume. This is surely an interesting twist and highlights the novel thoughts of the applicant. What you need to keep in mind is the color of the textured paper you use.

11. Patrick Rogan’s Resume – Iconize the Resume

Patrick Rogan has kept the resume design quite basic by using just one color for all the content. However, the twist comes in the form of icons which he has used highlight his skills and qualifications.

12. Frank Schamhart’s Resume – Play it Safe

If you are applying for a post in an industry which is stuck to the conventional methods, then a whole lot of experimenting with the resume template may not be a great idea. Frank Schamhart has been just as careful as used a slight color highlighting to accent the various subheadings.

13. Bradley Brook’s Resume – Modular Effect

Changing the vertical layout into a modular one can give your whole resume a novel and innovative look. Bradley Brook did exactly that and managed to impress his prospective employers with the new found modular effect in his resume.

14. Egotype’s Resume – Adding a Personal Touch

Certain companies expect their applicants to add in a photograph on their resume. Egotype thought over this and came up with a resume template where the resume header has a dark background and the applicant’s picture can be imposed on it. This is definitely an amazing idea and helps you to add a personal touch to the template.

15. Louis Omari’s Resume – Font Makes all the Difference

The font that you use in your resume can really make a lot of difference as to how the final copy appears. Louis Omari was smart enough to realize this and has created a template that uses fonts with rounded off edges that soften the look of the whole document.

These resume designs are extremely inspiring and encourage you to tread the untraveled path, break the traditions and add some charm to your resume.

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